Trouble-Free Managed Services

“Trouble-free” is a bold statement. But EG Managed Services has the experience to back it up.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the feedback we get from our clients, who claim the following benefits:

  • Elevated productivity
  • Alleviated burden of oversight
  • Streamlined operations
  • Greater ability to focus on mission-critical operations
  • Cost savings

Our areas of expertise include key support functions where the most waste and redundancy can be eliminated, including:

Document Management

Business Document Management

Proven cost savings and streamlined document flow can be achieved with copy, binding and word processing projects being delivered accurately and on time.  reduced use of supplies and resources can compliment sustainability efforts.

Custodial Services

Facilities and Custodial Services

The best custodial services are the ones that aren’t noticed.  EGMS provides courteous and responsive custodial service at true market economics to deliver seamless service at lower cost.

Mailroom Management

Mailroom Management Services

Streamlined mailroom operations can eliminate waste, increase service level and lower overhead.  EGMS delivers on all these levels, mximizing efficiency in the way mail services are delivered.

Archives Management

Business Records Archives

Digital imaging and document storage/retrieval are vital for more than just regularoty reasons.  EGMS offers cost-effective archival services as part of an overall document management process, safely and securely throughout the document lifecycle.

Shuttle Services

Business Transportation Services

Responsive and reliable shuttle services are important for packages and people alike.  EGMS provides concierge-level service for VIPs and employees alike, with courtesy and timeliness that never waver.

Shipping & Receiving

Shipping & Receiving Services

The efficiency of the shipping and receiving function can be elusive and difficult to gauge.  EGMS has mastered the logistics, and can deliver streamlined processes with measurable results.

People-Centered Methodologies

Processes and systems are great—if you have the right people. While a pre-packaged, off-the-shelf solution may look great on paper, for whom was that plan developed? Instead of choosing a process, then putting people into roles, we start with the people.  With the best people in place, we implement systems that work. Period.

You will be our partner as we build a customized solution for your organization – focusing on bringing in the right people, who then focus on the systems.  Leaving you, of course, to focus on more important factors like market share and margin growth.

Bundled Services

EGMS provides any of our services separately, but to get the maximum benefits in communication and coordination, bundling the services is the way to go. This way, instead of separate management teams, separate contract vendors and separate philosophies, you get everything bundled nicely for easy communication and maximum cost savings.