• Are Your Offices Company Clean?

    Company Clean Think back to childhood for a moment. Every household had its own standard of cleanliness, but no matter what your house usually looked like, you always had to make it extra clean when company was coming over, right? Company clean is a couple notches above everyday clean. Yes, there’s the benefit of heightened […]

  • Overnight Shipping Expenses. A Case for Express Deliveries

    Overnight Shipping: How Much Money is Wasted Before 10 O’Clock Every Morning? Email, Twitter, instant messaging, smart phones, tablets and the many other forms of electronic communication may seem like they’re taking over the way the world communicates, but there is one on-the-rise area you may not realize: packages and overnight communication. Postal mail is […]

  • Shipping and Receiving Operations: the Most Important Department in your Company?

    Can the shipping dock put a halt on your operations? Well, maybe not the entire operation, but think about the effect warehouse management services have on your business. Let’s say your physical plant that supplies power to your buildings and campus is waiting for a delivery. Nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe a pump, a […]

  • Evolution of Document Management Programs

    What was once stored in warehouses stacked full of banker’s boxes is now stored and backed up digitally. This is the evolution of a document-management program. We’ve moved from relying solely on hard copies of all-important information that had to be located, fetched and delivered, to being able to retrieve anything with the click of […]

  • Elimination of Saturday Delivery Mail

    Is Saturday Worth Two Billion Dollars of Snail Mail? As the debate continues on the topic of restructuring the United States Postal Service (USPS), it seems it’s one step forward and two back. Companies are increasingly using email, text messages and other tech options to communicate. Even with new communication tools, we’re still using traditional […]

  • Don't Overlook The Mailroom

    Don't Overlook the Mailroom It happens everywhere and it’s happened for years. The mailroom is a place everyone knows exists and assumes is running well, but it generally doesn’t get a lot of attention. That doesn’t make any sense, because overlooking the mailroom implies there is a low value to mailroom services. That could not […]

  • Social Media: Avoid This

    The internet is rife with stories about mistakes made using social media – that’s because as a workforce, we’re all still trying to figure out where the boundaries are.  The wrong time to find out where the boundaries are is after they’ve already been crossed, so what follows are some valuable tips regarding use of […]

  • The Cost of Documents

    The average employee handles or generates over 800 pages of documents per month, according to a leading independent industry analyst.  Does that sound high?  Ok, let’s cut it in half – 400 pages of documents.  And how many employees do you have that are involved in the flow of documents?  500? 750? At EGMS, we […]

  • EGMS Has Gone Social

    In an effort to provide you with up-to-date news and information on Managed Services, we are going social!  Check out our most recent news and updates, photos of our new location, what’s happening in the community and more. Connect with us on LinkedIn Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter

  • EG Managed Services Relocates into New Offices in Grand Rapids

    Originally written by Deborah Johnson Wood, Development News Editor, Rapid Growth Media Three years ago, Battle Creek-based EmploymentGroup, a temporary staffing and outsourced services firm, set up its satellite executive offices in two very small spaces above HopCat (25 Ionia SW) in Grand Rapids’ Heartside entertainment district. But demand for permanent office space for its […]